Friday, 2 April 2010

Checkout these Social Media monitoring tools.

Google Alerts

These are an absolute basic minimum, that everyone should be doing. Set up a Google account and set up some Alerts, for you, your brand, your company or any keywords you want to track. As soon as it is mentioned on the web Google will tell you about it with an email to your inbox!


If you are a Twitter user, then this is an absolute must. The ability to track real-time what is being said about whatever you choose, is very powerful indeed. It is easy to use and set up, and it will even play you a sound when someone has mentioned you!


This is just superb, and also fun to use. Put in a simple search, and it will show the results in a page full of widget type boxes across a whole range of platforms - video, blogs, networks, search networks etc. Love this!!


Now this is a novel site. It lets you monitor discussion groups and forums. This is great for knowing when a new group or discussion begins about you, your company or your brand.


This is a real time conversational search.They index and connect online conversations from across the web in real-time, so you can see what people are saying about topics that interest you.


Brilliant at monitoring when your tweets (on Twitter) have been shared - or re-tweeted.


See what others are saying about your company in real-time on Twitter, social networks, blogs and thousands of online news outlets. There is a cost attached here, but they will give you 15 days free as a starter which is worthing doing just for starters.


Nice! Just like Google alerts, but for social media instead. It does produce different results as well!


Like some of the others here, it searches across anumber of different social media platforms across the web


The superb search engine of real time info on Twitter. Search your topic, and set up the RSS feed for the results to flood into your RSS Reader. It only searches Twitter, but that is where the real time conversations are happening!!

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