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CDMA Tutor & Digital Master Marketer Mike Berry - Interview and Video

Mike Berry is a highly experienced Digital Marketing Consultant, Trainer and Blogger. His career includes Procter & Gamble, EHS (Havas), Wunderman (Y&R) and Head of Digital EMEA at Jack Morton (IPG). Mike has worked with many of the world's top brands, in a career spanning over 20 years. He is the author of 'The New Integrated Direct Marketing' (Gower) and has over 5,000 Twitter followers.

You can see and hear Mike in many of the lessons in the Chatered Institut of Marketing Diploma in Digital Marketing, that we offer.

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Question 1: The main obsession with marketers today seems to be digital and in particular Social Media. Is this just the ‘next big thing’ or are we at the start of a new era of marketing and communications?

Like all new platforms, Social Media is getting a lot of hype currently. However there is already evidence of a backlash, as CFOs ask: "Where is the ROI?" As the novelty wears off, the new Digital channels will rapidly settle down alongside the old channels as part of the integrated marketing mix.

Question 2: Some companies think that they should outsource digital marketing to ‘experts’. Is this a sensible approach? What is the best way to implement a digital strategy?

With the current pace of change, I believe it is important for Client Marketing Departments to keep a firm grip on their digital activities. This means learning, getting training and thinking about digital. Agency partners should be brought in selectively to handle tasks which can't be delivered with in-house resources, but they should be managed carefully by 'expert' digital marketing personnel who are on the payroll.

Question 3:  Companies and consumers find it very difficult to ‘cut through the noise’ – to get their messages across or to find what they want. What can each group do to improve things?

Decide whom you need to communicate with and what you need to say to them; plan all activity in a single-minded manner to achieve this and only this. Set KPIs and measure against them. If it works, do more. If not, try something different!.

Question 4: How significant will ‘mobile’ platforms and approaches become? And why?

Very important since the technology is improving and users are increasingly choosing to access the web via mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. All marketers need to be thinking mobile now.

Question 5: What advice would you offer marketers and companies who want to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by Digital Marketing?

Get high-quality training
Find out about Social Media and Mobile
Be aware of privacy issues
Test, learn, improve

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